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Shuita Vinegar Company: Production Park
    The Company owns more than 2000 employees, and covers a floor area of 1km2. The Company can produce table vinegar of 180000T every year, consists of 10 branch factories, one provincial-level enterprise technological center, one biological technology research institute, one marketing company, one foreign trade company, one national grade AAAA tourist attraction and base of sorghum special for vinegar brewing with an area of 30000Mu. Presently, the Company has developed to be one enterprise group that integrates raw material base, scientific research and development, starter propagation and brewing, package and transport, marketing and planning and tourism culture.

Shuita Vinegar Company: Shuita Maturing Area
    There are 10000 large vinegar vats in the maturing area, and each vat can contain vinegar of 500kg. With maturing process of “insolation in summer and placing in ice in water”, the maturing time ranges from one year to scores of years. After one vat of new vinegar is matured, more than 50% of water content will be removed to realize the black and purple color, non-mildew in summer and non-freezing in winter.

Shuita Vinegar Company-High-speed Bottle Filling Production Workshop
    The bottom filling area consists of six automated bottle filling production lines, and it can achieve continuous bottom filling for 24h. It takes up air-tight bottom filling. It will make bottom filling after strict sterilization and disinfection. These production lines are the largest production lines that have highest automation and standardization degrees in the industry in China.

Traditional Scale Acetic Acid Fermentation Workshop
    The scale of the traditional technology of the workshop ranks the first place in China. With natural fermentation method by many bacteria, microorganisms speed up to propagate in this condition; it shall add water and nutrient in proper amount. After secondary blending, the vinegar unstrained spirit will be placed into the vat again for fermentation. Stirring unstrained spirit mainly is used for supplementing oxygen for bacteria, making bacteria to propagate fast. Generally, it will stir unstrained spirit once a day in winter and twice a day in summer.

China Vinegar Culture Museum
    China Vinegar Culture Museum is built at the site of the original Shuigelou at waterfront of Donghu Lake in Qingxu County with the reputable name of "hometown of old mature vinegar in China". The terrace base covers a floor area of 998.6m2, building area is 4200m2, total height is 49.88m, and it is one antique-style nine-storey attic building just like the Yellow Crane Tower.

Baoyuan Old Vinegar Workshop
    "Baoyuan Workshop" was initially built in the 3rd year of Xuande Reign in Ming Dynasty, namely the year of 1428, and it has a history of more than 500 years. Baoyuan old mature vinegar had been used as the tribute to royal in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty and created brilliant achievement for vinegar industry in Shanxi Province. To dig the profound history and culture implication of the old mature vinegar, publicize the vinegar culture and make the people to know the history origin and traditional production process of the old mature vinegar, the Company completely restored the original form of the vinegar workshop in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty on the site of Baoyuan Workshop. Presently, Baoyuan Old Vinegar Workshop has been evaluated to be one National Grade AAAA tourist attraction.